Jason Reeves


Fine Arts Department
Room 305


Welcome to Clay! 

Your student's Clay class will introduce them to the world of visual arts. We will work in the 3-dimensional medium of clay and learn many different techniques and approaches to create complex and artistic forms.They will learn the basic elements and principles of design and learn how to incorporate them into their artwork.

1st Hour: Clay 3/4
2nd Hour: Prep
3rd Hour: Clay 1/2
4th Hour: Lunch
5th Hour: Clay 1/2
6th Hour: Clay 1/2
7th Hour: Clay 1/2

About Me

I have been teaching clay at Campo Verde for 5 years now. Prior to working in Gilbert, I studied Art Education at Arizona State and graduated Summa Cum Laude. I enjoy working in all media, but consider myself a painter and potter most naturally.

I am a pop culture nerd, enjoy comic books and know more Star Wars trivia than a grown man probably should. If I could own any car, it would be the DeLorean from Back to the Future. I have a deep love of Popeye's chicken and cajun fried turkey.

I enjoy my job and love that I get to teach and create art - the best subject in the world